Rachel slams door for Roxeanne

Rachel and Roxeanne Hazes have not spoken to each other for years and if something about them appears in the media, it is about an argument or even about a lawsuit. Yet Rachel recently said that her door is always open for Roxeanne. Apparently she has now changed her mind: even on Instagram she does not want to see her daughter anymore.

For a long time Rachel hoped to reunite with her daughter. She said she contacted her daughter several times, but heard nothing back. ,,If Rox shows up at my door tomorrow, she is more than welcome. My mother’s heart is always open to her,” Rachel said earlier in the weekly magazine Story.


By now, Rachel seems to have changed her mind. She asked Roxeanne to testify in some old disputes in which Rachel claimed large sums of money had been taken from her. Not a handy move, because Roxeanne took another step back and indicated that she did not want to testify.

In Best Singers, Roxeanne went one step further. She had never let go of her difficult childhood before, but in the program she decided to do so. She said more candidly than ever that she used to be left with strange host families when her father had to perform. But the biggest blow came when her father died and Rachel decided to write a book. At the time, Roxeanne felt abandoned by her mother.

‘End of exercise’

The statements caused even more disagreement between mother and daughter and Rachel now seems to have closed the door for good. This morning she unfollowed a number of people on Instagram, including Roxeanne.

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“The two have of course not been in touch for years, but Rachel continued to follow her daughter,” Juicechannel reports on Instagram. “Now is the end of the exercise.”