Racing Genk remains on course for the play-offs after Onuachu triple | Jupiler Pro League 2021/2022

After 1 out of 9, Racing Genk was able to win again. The visitors from Eupen easily went for the axe. On 1 match day from the end, Genk is just in the top 8, good for participation in the Europe Play-off.

Racing Genk – Eupen in a nutshell:

  • Key moment: Genk decides the match with a goal just before and one just after the break. With his 2nd penalty goal, Onuachu makes it 2-0 in the extra time of the 1st half and less than a minute after the start of the 2nd half, Ito takes care of the 3-0.
  • Man of the match: Paul Onuachu did what is expected of him tonight: score. Even three times. The Nigerian is at 19 this season and dives into the top 3 of the top scorer position. Only Michael Frey (22) and Deniz Undav (25) scored more.
  • Remarkable: 4 wins in the first 5 away games of the season. It is now hard to believe that Eupen managed to do that. Since then, it has only managed to collect 3 points in 12 away games with 3 draws.

Moderate Genk makes the difference from the penalty spot

No more worries at Eupen. Thanks to Seraing’s loss of points, it was finally secured. Big contrast with Genk, where STVV’s win meant they had to work hard to jump back to eighth place over the Limburg rival.

Ito had understood that message and immediately brought a swing to Genk’s attacking game. After a nice one-two with Onuachu, the Japanese decorated a penalty and it was Onuachu who converted the penalty flawlessly: 1-0 after only 10 minutes.

A dream start for Genk and Nurudeen prevented the same Onuachu from making it 2-0 immediately after the opening goal. The promising Genk start was not continued. Fortunately for the home team, Eupen didn’t do much, except for one chance for Nuhu.

The lead remained very tight for Genk, but shortly before half-time, Heris again lent a hand. After Ito, he now knocked out Hrosovsky in the sixteen. A light penalty, but Onuachu again flawlessly converted the eleven meter.

Shortly before half time, Genk receives a 2nd penalty kick:

Onuachu provides lump sum figures

Genk could start the second half with a safe margin and it was barely 45 seconds old when it was already 3-0. Eupen was overwhelmed by the fierce Genk start, Oyen brought the ball low in front of the goal and Ito scored easily at the far post.

The Genk sandwich was baked, a few of them had already started planning their holidays at Eupen. Cools was able to put Vandevoordt to work on the hour, but there was no longer any chance of an honor saver for the visitors.

On the contrary, it even became a heavy pandering. On a pass from the best player Ito, Heynen made it 4-0 and after 2 penalty goals, Onuachu also scored a field goal. After a clumsy loss of ball at Eupen, he took care of the forfeit figures.

Storck: “We have to get this big club into the play-offs”

  • Michael Valkanis (coach Eupen): “I am not satisfied with this at all. In the beginning we played well organized. We then collected a penalty, but I still have my doubts with that second penalty. I have to look at the images again, but it seemed very light to me. Of course that penalty changed the entire game. I was very disappointed with our second half, we gave away goals too easily there again. I don’t understand why we didn’t dare to shoot at goal. Besides, every mistake was punished. It’s a disappointing night I want to forget quickly It’s been a very difficult season, the relief is great that we were saved What my own future looks like? I don’t know. We have one more match to go and then we’ll see. “
  • Bernd Storck (trainer Racing Genk): “It was not an easy situation to prepare the team for this important game. We had over 14 players in preparation who were away from international obligations. We have now taken the first step, it was a deserved victory and we were able to celebrate with our supporters. I am very satisfied with the performance of my team. We played compact and gave few opportunities to the opponent. Next week we have to win again against Seraing, for them there is nothing more at stake. We have to “We have to prepare professionally for days and then we will also win that game. We have no other choice, we have to get this big club in the play-offs. We have fantastic players, it is certainly possible.”
  1. second half, minute 91 match over
  2. second half, minute 91. End. After a meager 1 out of 9, Racing Genk records a much-needed victory against Eupen. It jumps back over STVV to eighth place and therefore still has everything in its own hands for the Europe Play-offs. Shortly after the break, Ito decided the match, Heynen and once again Onuachu turned it into forfeit figures. †
  3. second half, minute 86. Substitution at KAS Eupen, Giannis Konstantelias in, Stef Peeters out
  4. second half, minute 84. The match is now dragging to the end. Genk thinks it’s enough and Eupen no longer seems to have the strength to look for an honor savior. †
  5. second half, minute 82. Substitution at KRC Genk, Mike Trésor in, Bryan Heynen out
  6. second half, minute 82. Substitution at KRC Genk, Kelvin John in, Junya Ito out
  7. second half, minute 81. Substitution at KRC Genk, András Németh in, Paul Onuachu out
  8. second half, minute 81. Substitution at KAS Eupen, Konan N’Dri in, Isaac Nuhu out
  9. second half, minute 81. Substitution at KAS Eupen, Torben Müsel in, Smail Prevljak out
  10. second half, minute 79. Onuachu increases the number of goals. Onuachu has his third goal of the evening, his first field goal. On Hrosovsky’s instructions, he provides forfeit figures from close by. Eupen may be sure of its preservation, but this is a painful pledge. †
  11. Goal during the second half, minute 79 by Paul Onuachu of KRC Genk. 5.0.
  12. second half, minute 74. Genk’s hunger for goals has not yet been quenched. The home team can try again on a free kick by Heynen. His shot deflects on Onuachu and Nurudeen can pick up the ball. †
  13. second half, minute 72.
  14. second half, minute 71. Substitution at KRC Genk, Joseph Paintsil in, Luca Oyen out
  15. second half, minute 69. Substitution at KAS Eupen, Jerome Deom in, James Jeggo out
  16. Goal during the second half, minute 68 by Bryan Heynen of KRC Genk. 4.0.
  17. second half, minute 68. Nice goal by Heynen. The Genk supporters are allowed to dance again, Heynen adds another one. Ito provides the measured cross and Heynen aims the ball in the goal in one time. Particularly nice finish. †
  18. Cools puts Vandevoordt to the test. Eupen can still keep the Genk defense going for a while. Lambert puts the ball well aside for Cools and he takes it out from the edge of the box with a low bang. Vandevoordt has some difficulty with it and takes the ball in two times. † second half, minute 62.
  19. second half, minute 55. No third for Onuachu (yet?). Onuachu would like to score a third time. After a pass from Heynen, he takes out in one go, but his shot goes wide. †