Racing got a point in the visit to Barracas for the Professional League | Gago’s team had an opaque performance in Floresta and tied goalless for date 12

Racing Club suffered this Saturday against Barracas Central, but equalized goalless in the stadium of All Boys, in the continuity of date 12 from Professional League.

With this result, the Academy reached 20 points and did not take advantage of the defeat of Atlético Tucumán (25) to get closer to the topwhile el Guapo reached 14 units.

Fernando Gago’s team made a greater wear in the initial stage and came out with their usual script of good treatment and possession of the ballwhile the premises remained comfortable waiting and with impeccable order.

the clearest at the beginning was at the feet of scorer Maximiliano Romero, who He won the one-on-one duel against Nicolás Ferreyra with pure power and could not define before the need departure of goalkeeper Maximiliano Gagliardo.

The visitor did not have the speed to break a line of four at the bottom, reinforced by Carlos Arce in several passages. That led Guapo not to suffer, beyond the fact that he played for a long time in his own field. The state of the field did not help the Academy’s idea of ​​direct attack; Meanwhile, Barracas needed fewer touches to step on the area in front.

Ferreyra had a header in the small area that Gastón Gómez cleared with a remarkable fly, so the first half left more concerns than certainties for Racing, far from the level shown at other times and hindered by a rival, who withdrew and occupied the spaces to go to halftime without being frightened.

Already in the plugin, the Academy supported the result with its goalkeeper Gastón Gómez as one of the figures of a poor afternoon in Floresta. The rojiblanco team remained comfortable and even dared to play hand in hand in the background, with Bandiera and Tapia as the main offensive weapons.

On the other side, Gabriel Hauche, Carlos Alcaraz and Leonel Miranda were completely annulled, who were absorbed by the tactical planning of Sergio Ramos.

Gago moved the bank of substitute minutes after a dream situation for Matías Rojas, who defined with indifference against Gagliardo, and bet a full at the speed of Colombian Johan Carbonero in a closed stage with little space.

Barracas had order and progress as in every minute. And so Christian Colmán ran into an unbeatable chance to which a perfect closure made by Iván Pillud was able to clear under the goal.

The possibilities for the premises continued, but Tapia and Colmán were also unable to beat goalkeeper Gómez, the figure of the match in a completely frayed visit.

Chila spoke

“It was not the expected result, we always go for the three points because it is what we want most”, lamented Gómez. in a note with ESPN Premium, adding: “I was quiet all week, I was wrong about Tigre, but I got up and carried on. The support of the coach, my teammates and my family is important”highlighted the Racing goalkeeper.

“Chila” Gómez will now fight for the position with Gabriel Arias, who has already returned from his injury that took him off the courts for almost a season.

On the next date Barracas Central will visit Rosario Central, while Racing Club will take on the classic at home against Boca Juniors.