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Racism, Prince Gouano wants to make his aggressor think "pardon"

In the face of racist insults, the captain and defender of the Amiens football team, Prince Gouano, believes that " forgiveness " is the most effective method. This is what he explained to journalists Channel Plus, after a painful match in Dijon Friday, April 12.

At the 77e minutes of Ligue 1 match between Dijon and Amiens, after countering a corner given to the opposing team, Prince Gouano, could hear " monkey sounds From the public. "I turned around and the man who made these noises confirmed to me that they were talking to me", he reports. With the agreement of the referee, the decision was taken to temporarily interrupt the match – "Not only for me but for all victims of racist insults" – then, finally, to take it back.

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Asked how best to put an end to these insults, recurrent in the world of football, the captain of the team believes that "To mark it, we'll have to punch our fist" on the table. "It hurt me and I think about everyone who is the same color as me"he admits.

Give the man a second chance

However, this Parisian trained in Turin, who confessed in February " to go to church " in the columns of Courrier Picard, also indicates that he does not want to make a complaint against his attacker, because of his Christian faith. "I could file a complaint and that person would have legal proceedings, and so big problems for all his life I think. But with a lot of hindsight, I do not think to do it (…) With the values ​​that I have, I can not complain. It would not give a second chance to the man "he explains.

Faced with these insults, "The best way is forgiveness, so he can really learn"says even Prince Gouano, who confesses to have thought a lot before taking this difficult decision, which he takes care to specify that it is not motivated by " the fear ".

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"Tomorrow, with a little hindsight, when he sees this video, he will not start again and even, he will relay that to future generations"he wants to believe. "In life you have to know how to forgive. It is up to him (the aggressor) to draw the right lessons from all of this ".

Identified, the man was released Sunday night after a visit by the court. He was not charged with inciting racial hatred but only under the status of assisted witness.



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