Radamés Santamaría returns to Stud MM | Equestrianism 123

Engels Alfredo Medina Araque | @engelsmedina23

Radamés Santamaría is back with Stud MM. The trainer will have his second stage with this Stud. In meeting 31, Germán Rojas, who until that day was the Stud preparer, took three wins.

Last triumph of Santamaría in La Rinconada

This season, the coach won five competitions before being replaced in his position by Germán Rojas, who returned from the Dominican Republic to train in his country.

The five conquests of Santamaría in 2022 were with the specimens; Pompey, Essential White, Griezmann and Ventura twice.

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Santamaría had a very good 2021 with the MM, the trainer was the revelation of that season, in which he won 30 competitions.

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If you add the 12 wins for Rojas and the five for Santamaría, Stud MM has accumulated 17 wins so far this season.

For this week they will come out with 12 copies, in which they stand out; The Great Mario, The Big Lous, Magic Victory and Arenado.