Radiation Therapy Center officially opened

After nine months of construction, the radiation therapy center in Main-Franconia was officially opened on Friday in Veitshöchheimer Schleehofstraße. The celebration heralded Dr. Kosalarajah Paheenthararajah, practice operator and one of the two specialists in radiation therapy, gave a welcoming speech. Among the guests were District Administrator Thomas Eberth and Nina Opfermann, Head of Health and Consumer Protection at the District Office, and the Veitshöchheim Mayor Jürgen Götz, Dean Werner Vollmuth and Deputy Dean Max von Egidy.

After the speeches by Paheenthararajah and the managing director of the cooperating Radio-Onkologie-Netzwerk GmbH based in Aalen and the words of the district administrator and mayor, the clergy blessed the practice. The tape was then cut in front of the linear accelerator and the center was officially opened.

The ambience also plays a role

Mayor Götz was grateful in a short speech at the beginning: ?? Health is the greatest wealth and we often only value it when we have lost it. As citizens of Veitshöchheim, we can be all the more satisfied that we are opening the radiation therapy center here together today.

Patients with tumor diseases or benign diseases such as osteoarthritis have been treated in the practice since the end of June. The practice is under the motto “With high-tech and heart”, as Paheenthararajah emphasizes again and again: “The foundation is the latest technology to be able to use the latest radiation therapy methods, the superstructure consists of human cordiality, time, fixed contact persons and a cozy atmosphere . ” The focus is on the patient and is viewed holistically. He will also be helped through the bureaucratic jungle, says Dr. Sandra Röddiger from the management of the Radio Oncology Network.

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Praxis wants to be an established cooperation partner

Paheenthararajah describes the ambience as bright, friendly and familiar. The architects Sonnentag contributed to this atmosphere. In radiation therapy, the feel-good factor is very important, with the architecture forming a small component, says Thomas Sonnentag. The practice also relies on courageous art. Colorful motifs decorate the practice walls. The influence of street art in the interior and on the facade should create a certain lightness, a pleasant and thus health-promoting atmosphere.

For the near future, Paheenthararajah hopes that radiotherapy Main-Franconia will be an established cooperation partner alongside the clinics. The two specialists and the team look forward to a good cooperation in the practice. As District Administrator Ebert said at the celebration: “That which was built of stone must now be filled with life.”


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