Radiators, try this simple trick and your wallet will thank you!

If you want to save money on the use of radiators, try this simple trick and your wallet will thank you!

It’s time to radiators. We are in late autumn and the arrival of winter is approaching, the temperatures are lowering more and more and the use of radiators has now become daily. But heat the house with the help of radiators it often also means an important economic investment.

Heating, in fact, represents one of the most important expenses in the bill and you must therefore learn how to manage your heaters. If you want to save money on using radiators, try this simple trick and your wallet will thank you.

Here is a simple trick to save with radiators

Exist numerous tricks that allow you to save resources so as not to find nasty surprises in your bill. In this article we tell you about a simple trick to manage your radiators and save money.


  • Perform plant maintenance

Run the plant maintenance it is one of the most important practices to carry out when you are determined to save on heating. A heating system, in fact, consumes much less when clean and there are no limestone deposits;

  • Check the room temperature Radiators: always on, or when needed?  Here's how to actually save

When it’s cold, obviously, the radiators turn on to raise the temperature a little. But watch out for do not heat the apartment too much. A simple trick to save with radiators is definitely to set a 19° the maximum temperature. For each grade, in fact, you save from 5 al 10% on consumption;

  • Keep an eye on the hours of ignition
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If you want to practice a precious trick to save with radiators, then pay attention to the times you turn on your radiators. In fact, it is useless to keep the radiators on even at night. Also, remember that there is a maximum ignition time regulated by law: 14 hours for zone E, 8 hours in zone B;

  • Install reflective panels

To install reflective panels turns out to be a good solution that allows the reduction of heat waste. This trick is particularly suitable for those radiators embedded in the walls. A simple sheet of aluminum foil is sufficient, capable of reducing heat dispersion towards the outside;

  • Do not place objects in front of and on top of the radiators
Remember not to place objects on the radiators (Pixabay)
(Foto: Pixabay)

Some objects bulky, such as furniture and curtains, if placed in front of the radiators could hinder the diffusion of heat. The same goes for those who use hot radiators like dryer, it is also better to avoid leaving them too long Open windows, so as not to excessively lower the temperature of the apartment;

  • Do a check-up of your apartment

If you want to check for any waste and damage and thus optimize consumption, the suggestion is to carry out an electrical diagnosis of your home, in order to evaluate what the thermal insulation is. There are also tax deductions, such as the eco-bonus, which allow you to deduct from taxes IRPEF O IRES until’80% expenses related to energy requalification;

  • Use innovative heating systems

Evaluate your choice of replace the old heat generator with the most modern condensing boilers. Furthermore, the technology has allowed the construction of biomass boilers and systems connected to solar thermal systems, capable of heating the water;

  • Opt for innovative technological solutions
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Heating the house without radiators
Here’s how to heat your home without radiators

As already mentioned, technology now offers us a wide range of innovative choices. Equip your system with one automatic temperature control unit, in this way you will avoid unnecessary and expensive power surges, as well as having the possibility to program the switching on of the radiators.

To our rescue comes the home automation: i sensors of presence, i chronothermostats e i electronic regulators they offer the possibility of regulating, even remotely, through a smartphone, the temperature of each room in the apartment, as well as of course the switch-on time of the radiators.


the thermostatic valves represent the latest trick to save with radiators. These tools are useful for regulate the flow of hot water inside the radiators. In fact, they offer the possibility of setting a maximum temperature limit for heating the apartments.