Radical Heights clashes with Fortnite and Epic Games

Radical Heights clashes with Fortnite and Epic Games

Radical Heights is a new Battle Royale developed and edited by Boss Key Production. It was launched several days ago.
Cliff Bleszinski, founder of Boss Key and former director at Epic Games has decided to launch his new game, Radical Heights, after only 5 months of development.

Not easy to leave after a bitter failure. Lawbreakers old Boss Key game had not had the expected success. Direct competitor of Overwatch, he had been swept away by the release of PUBG.
After 5 days of Early Access, Radical Heights has a decent start with an average of 5000 players logged on the game. As a reminder, like every Battle Royale, you are dropped into a closed area. Here, a dome located in southern California. You will have a vehicle to move faster, and it’s original since it’s a BMX.

Cliff Bleszinski, known for his differences on social networks, does not hesitate to say what bothers him. It’s on Twitter that he recently complained.

Hey @epicgames , could you please stop trying to hire my team? We just launched @Radical_Heights we # EU4 and are really happy with how it’s going. pic.twitter.com/pe2DoZNuRq
– Cliff Bleszinski (@therealcliffyb) April 13, 2018

“Hey Epic Games, could you stop trying to hire my team? We have just launched Radical Heights on Unreal Engine 4 and we are very happy with the way it’s going. ”
He does not hesitate to tackle his former employer in public. The two Battle Royales are obviously competitors and the tension is present between the two studios.
However given the popularity and quality of both games, there is no comparison, these two are in two different categories. It will be very difficult for Radical Heights to seriously compete with Fortnite.
Photo Credits: wccftech (left)

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