Radics Gigi lost 21 pounds, yet they spoke because of his weight: he did not leave without a word – Hungarian star

Gigi Radics On October 4, 2020, she gave birth to her first child, named Bella Sofia. The hairy baby girl’s face was first shown to her partner in early January this year, when the baby was already three months old.

The singer during her pregnancy said she was very curious but not stressed on the pounds, now the baby needs first. Even after giving birth, it wasn’t important for her to regain her shape at a rapid pace, she said the excess weight would go down anyway when the time came.

Radics Gigi lost 21 pounds

Before she became pregnant, she dieted hard for a year and exercised regularly, and during her pregnancy she demanded exactly the foods she could not eat during the diet and gained a total of 30 pounds. In early July, he posted a picture in a body-fitting miniature, for which he wrote he still had something to carve on, but he finally had the strength to train again.

“I remembered being much more energetic both physically and mentally when I was training, but now I’m once again convinced of how good exercise and healthy eating are for a person,” he wrote in the post.

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Overcome your own limitations – Róbert Alföldi in the Femina Club

On the road to a satisfied life, we run into a series of obstacles, and we often do not even think that in many cases, recognizing and overcoming our own, own limitations is the biggest challenge.

At the Femina Club evening on October 18th Nora Szily and Róbert Alföldi they help to decipher what factors can stand in the way of success, how to cope with criticism and possible failure, and what techniques we use to get the most out of ourselves.

Exact details of the evening can be found here.

Tickets are only available online, a limited number.

Date: October 18, 2021, 6 p.m.
Venue: József Attila Theater


The 25-year-old star re-emerged at the beginning of the year with A Dal, a new song was released in May and was featured on TV2’s charity show, he also gave concerts in the summer and delighted his fans with a new clip in early September. She’s working to make her as fit as possible, and some insensitive commentators have even asked if she’s pregnant again, ”Ripost said. Radics Gigi replied and also expressed his opinion.

“We’re not planning a second baby in the near future, so I’m not pregnant, I just still have a surplus from my previous pregnancy. Anyway, I find it a little annoying that someone can write this to a woman who hasn’t given birth so long ago. Okay, it’s been almost a year now, but there are those whose bodies regenerate quickly, there are those who don’t.


I admit, I ate a lot, I gained a lot of weight, I gained 30 pounds, 21 of which have already gone down, which I am very proud of.

“I’m only going to continue losing weight and training because I want to feel good in my skin, regain my shape 100 percent, and not because someone is splashing out,“ oh, but Radics Gigi is bloated ”. I gave birth to a beautiful pretty little girl, I gave her life, that’s the most amazing thing, ”she said in the video for TikTok.

Radics Gigi without makeup

“I don’t have that much time to do makeup lately because of my mother’s duties, but I don’t mind that at all.” It feels good to be able to relax my skin after 9 years, ”the singer admitted. In our compilation you can see not only Radics Gigit without makeup and painted, but also Hungarian singers known in talent scouts who take on their faces even if they don’t have a gram of paint on them.



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