RADIO FG You’re not ready for this recovery…


Credit: Facebook Official Jonas Blue

Crying On The Dancefloor... (‘crying on the dancefloor’), this is really the title of this new release signed Jonas Blue and Sam Feldt. The two producers thus continue their common adventure under the project Endless Summer. A project launched with Till The Enda rather deep title released last May and which had not been followed by other releases.

But as the warm weather approaches, Jonas Blue and Sam Feldt restart the project with Crying On The Dancefloor with the Swedish duo Violet Days. And as the title of this novelty says, some will want to cry when they recognize the sample used, on the contrary, no doubt, those who appreciate this current fashion for the return of eurodance. Come back also validated by David Guetta with his I’m Good (taken from Blue de Eiffel 65) which was a huge success.

Indeed, we recognize the song Better Off Alone by Alice DeeJay released in 1998, and aside from the nostalgic side, one wonders if it was really worth it. Let eurodance come back in force, why not. After all, music is an eternal restart.

But we would like, in this case, to see more creativity perhaps and not such samples. It will be interesting to observe how long this revival of eurodance will last?