Radio Play Endgame – Waiting for Godot by krugaful

A break – where does it lead? ©krugaful

Radio play “Endgame – Waiting for Godot” by krugaful

An absurd radio play has emerged in the past few months: an attempt to capture the incomprehensible. The word and sound collective krugaful Ensemble chose the corona lockdown as the starting point for the radio play. Key word: state of emergency. The dialogues and quotes were penned by the Basel author Christoph Schmassmann, who is also part of the ensemble. von Janina Labhardt

10/22/01 Radio play Endspiel – Waiting for Godot


In the interplay of myth and conspiracy, an absurd audio piece has emerged between reality and surreal effect. The idea, concept and text came from the author Christoph Schmassmann, who lives in Basel under the pseudonym krugaful. Cyril Dessemontet produced the music concept and the sound spheres, and Sibylle Mumenthalter directed it. Christoph Schmassmann and Edgar Eckert speak the dialogues, Sibylle Mummenthaler the quotes.

The quotation fragments come from texts by Michel Foucault, Jacques Derrida, Judith Butler, Simone de Beauvoir, Niklas Luhmann and last but not least by Elfriede Jelinek.

The radio play project was sponsored by the Basel-Stadt Culture Department, the Swiss Foundation for Radio and Culture and the Ruth and Paul Wallach Foundation.

You can find more information about the radio play and the ensemble at