Rafa Márquez revealed that Ronaldo prevented his arrival at Real Madrid


GUADALAJARA – In 2002, after which Rafael Márquez will play its first World Cup with Mexican team , was very close to becoming a player Real Madrid, club that followed him and progressed in the negotiations, which stopped when the club spent much of its budget on the purchase of Ronaldo, striker from the Inter de Milan . That situation caused Rafa to stay in the Monaco to later be signed by the Barcelona , club where he was seven years and was a multi-champion of both Leagues and Champions League . Getty Images “He would not exist, but something happens. The negotiation was advanced, I was excited and happy, but it was when Ronaldo was hired and the negotiation broke down. I spent two more years in Monaco until an offer came from Barcelona and maybe it was not the right time to leave the Monaco, something happens. I feel fortunate that once Real Madrid put their eyes on me and was interested, but in the end who would have thought that the rival of this team was going to hire me “, shared Márquez in an interview with ESPN . Gustavo Guzman expects the central defender to have minutes with Atlas against Pachuca on the final day. The captains of the clubs of the maximum circuit are summoned for a meeting in which some managers will also be involved. 1 Related During his stay at Barcelona, ​​Márquez recalled how complicated it was to stay at the highest level in a team that began its golden age with players like Ronaldinho on the squad and at the beginning of his career. Lionel Messi as a professional footballer. “Seven years are easy, but you suffer a lot, it was a lot of sacrifice, you just have to think that being one of the best teams in the world, always try to have the best players in the world in each of their positions. six months to adapt to the team, you could not relax one day because your teammates passed you, there was a lot of internal sports competition “. “It was very satisfying to have played so long and so many games, to have won so many championships and to enjoy many figures. They were the best moments of my professional life and of my personal life, because Barcelona is charming, “she said. After passing through the whole city of Barcelona, ​​Márquez embarked on a new adventure with New York Red Bulls , experience that does not save it as the best of your memories. If you want to receive alerts from Mexican Soccer , download the App now. espn.com/app » “When I left Barcelona I got frustrated in New York because I was used to a level and a requirement, a strong level of training and a level of intense matches and reach another level, the truth was broken, I could not. At that time I did regret going to the United States, “he added. His revenge, he says, was when he arrived at the Lion , a club in which he won two Mexican leagues and that prompted him to play the World Cup in Brazil. “When I arrived in León, they told me I was ready to retire and that’s when I really enjoyed playing football again. After the bad drink, I went to MLS , where I did not adapt to New York. In Leon I resurfaced again, I felt that joy of being able to play football and, in addition, there was a group of players of great quality, great human beings and very cheerful and that made me perform. Gustavo Matosas gave me a barbaric confidence, he always gave me his support, so I’m very grateful for that, for the fans and the moment I lived there, “he said.


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