Rafa Nadal dethrones Federer and wins the ATP fans’ favorite player award

Rafael Nadal keep racking up prizes on and off the track. The Spanish tennis player has been chosen as the fan favorite of the 2022 season in the ATPin which he won two ‘Grand Slams’, the australian open y Roland Garrosto rank as the best in history at the male level with 22 ‘big’.

It is the first time that the man from Manacor has been awarded this honor, and it is that Roger Federerwore 19 consecutive seasons winning the prize awarded by the ATP every December. The Swiss was no longer eligible for the award after his withdrawal and not having competed on the circuit in 2022.

“I’m so happy to receive this ‘Fan Favorite’ award for 2022. It makes me feel great and I can’t thank all the fans enough for the support, not only for this award, but at the same time for all the that I receive in every city and event around the world”, assured Nadal on the ATP website, who is already “very much looking forward to the arrival of the 2023 to share many positive things again”.

The Manacorí player, from 36 yearswill keep this award that is given by fans of the men’s circuit to others that it already has from previous years, such as the breakthrough of the year, the most improved tennis player, the tennis player with the best comeback and sportsmanship.