Rafael Nadal back on the court against a 97-year-old opponent!

Rafael Nadal trains Leonid, 97

Leonid Stanislavkyi is a 97-year-old senior who is doing like a charm! He who has always played tennis, made his dream come true: to meet Rafael Nadal and even exchange a few points with him!

Leonid holds the record for the oldest tennis player in the world, awarded by the International Tennis Federation: the Ukrainian grandfather even competes for the over 90s.

What’s his secret? The tennis-grandpa, originally from Kharviv, confided that he started the sport at the age of 30, and that he did push-ups and push-ups every morning to keep in shape!

Holder of a few records himself, Rafael Nadal is not far from having that of the most benevolent player of the circuit.

After hearing that Leonid wanted to visit the Rafa Nadal Academy in Mallorca, the champion at the 13 Roland Garros decided to extend an invitation to him.

After taking him around the owner, Rafa, recovering from an injury to his left foot, traded a few balls with Leonid! A tennis fan’s dream!

Rather at ease, Leonid returned the ball very quietly to the 5th player in the world!

Nadal loves to surprise his fans

This is not the first time that Rafael Nadal surprises an admirer, even an elderly fan, since he is fond of this kind of good deeds.

A few days ago, he recorded a message for a 90-year-old fan who was celebrating his birthday. The nonagenarian wept with emotion. Rafael Nadal has a heart of gold and doesn’t hesitate to please when he can. We have the fans we deserve …

As for Leonid, for his 100th birthday, he would like to challenge Roger Federer. He has 3 years left to prepare!