Rafael Nadal fulfilled the dream of the oldest professional tennis player: he played against a 97-year-old man

The Spanish had a meeting with Leonid Stanislavskyi, who holds a Guiness record

Spanish tennis player Rafael Nadal made a 97-year-old man’s dream come true by playing with him at the Academy that bears his name.

The 21-time Grand Slams winner played a match with the Ukrainian Leonid Stanislavskyi, a man who holds the Guinness record for being the longest-lived professional tennis player.

While working on his physical recovery after a foot injury, the Spanish tennis player had a great time and contributed to fulfilling the dream of Leonid, who has between eyebrows to know the three greats of recent times. He has already achieved it with Nadal and is missing the Swiss Roger Federer and the Serbian Novak Djokovic.

Nadal personally invited the 97-year-old player to his academy to dispute some points with the Ukrainian, who currently occupies 31st place in the individual ranking of the 90-year-old division and more of the international federation.

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