Rafael Ramírez sent a message to the FANB


April 15, 2018 03:48 PM
Updated on April 15, 2018 3:58 PM Rafael Rammírez, former president of Petróleos de Venezuela (PDVSA), spoke Sunday to officials of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces: questioned that they do not act in the face of the situation in the country.

“I do not understand how Chávez’s comrades-in-arms keep silence in the face of what is happening, their comrades in struggle from the Academy, their affections, their ministers, what will they be waiting for?” Ramírez said.

Through an opinion column published in Club Ramírez explained the situation suffered by Venezuelans and stressed that Venezuelans currently face a crisis that prevents them from meeting their needs.

“While our people, this diverse people, not only the humble, the one who believed, the young, student, professional, artist, worker, peasant, all, in a more tragic way than others, everyone is having a bad time in the country They do not see exits, they are not happy, they can not satisfy their material or spiritual needs, a disaster, “he said.

Ramírez criticized the plans made by the government of Maduro through the card of the motherland. He called them “spiritual misery” and pointed out that citizens’ problems are ignored.

“Betrayal is stimulated, disloyalty, everything is bought and corrupted, a situation of spiritual misery is created when they put the people of April 13 to fight for a ‘CLAP’ box, for a card, in a queue for anything Nobody cares what is really going on, if the problem is not TT on Twitter, then there is no news, “he said.

Read the article in Club


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