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Rafael Rotter’s return to the spusu Vienna Capitals has been official for a few days (read HERE >>>).

The 35-year-old spent last season with Black Wings Linz, but was never really happy there. Now he is back at his home club and at the same time his hometown.

What he missed most was his surroundings, Rotter says in an interview with “Heute”. “Even though Vienna is only an hour away by train from Linz, I missed the routine that Vienna had for me. Lunch with my buddies or dinner with my parents.”

“Now I’m feeling better”

“I appreciate the Linz players and the friends I met there. But it’s just different when you’ve known your friends for ten or 15 years. They’re just missing. I feel more comfortable when they’re around me . I just need it”, the Caps veteran was also a bit homesick. “Now I’m feeling better.”

In retrospect, he “definitely did not” describe his move to the steel city as a mistake. “I saw a different side. I was in Vienna for a long time. I don’t think many people expected me to leave again. It happened. And it was a new experience,” says Rotter.

“I met new people, played in an organization that tried very, very hard. A lot went wrong last year due to the restructuring. But everyone had a real drive,” says the attacker, but some things are in Linz gone wrong.

“It’s like in other jobs, you make three or four wrong decisions that have a big impact – on our squad and the way we play. That’s a shame because we actually had a good squad. But we don’t have the whole thing on the ice And that’s what our job is about – winning,” the Viennese continued.

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Caps fans “didn’t blame me for the change”

During his two guest appearances in the STEFFL Arena, Rotter was duly celebrated despite the lockdown, and the Caps fans triggered great emotions in the 35-year-old with a choreo.

“Total goosebumps,” he recalls. “It’s unique in Austria when you play in front of a backdrop like in Vienna. There were no fans in the hall due to the pandemic, but the choreography they put together was amazing. But I’m no different from the Viennese fans used to,” praises Rotter.

“The atmosphere is unique. And if we then play well and deliver, then that’s unbeatable. I’m grateful to the fans in Vienna. They’ve always had my back and didn’t blame me for the change. I think they’re happy that I’m back,” continued the striker.

“I’m really an old dog”

Alongside Bernhard Starkbaum, Rotter will be the second-oldest crack in the Capitals squad. “Now I’m really an old dog,” he laughs. “It’s terrible how fast it goes, but I’m still very young at heart.”

His role has not changed in recent years. “I’ve always been a very positive guy and always ready to have fun. I get along with young and old. You have to find a mix. You have to be a professional and a role model. I try to do that every day, in the gym and on the ice . That’s the only way you’ll get ahead,” he explains.

Rotter concludes: “I’ve never stopped learning, in ice hockey and in life. You can learn something from everyone. Even from people you don’t like. You always have to be open.” “I want to show the boys a way. But we must never neglect to have fun. We play because we enjoy it. It used to be our hobby, now it’s our job. We can do what we love.”

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