Raffi Ahmad’s house became a spotlight after the arrival of Siwon, the Minister, and Ronaldinho


Who doesn’t know Raffi Ahmad? One of these versatile celebrities always attracts the attention of many people. Moreover, with his friendly attitude, Raffi Ahmad is known to be able to enter all circles.

His house, which is in Andara, is no longer an open secret and is often visited by important guests. Remember when Siwon stopped by Raffi Ahmad’s house?

That moment made everyone jealous. How could one of Super Junior’s personnel who are idolized by many people stop at the house of Sultan Andara.

The moment was immortalized by Raffi Ahmad on his Instagram. It also provides a lot of food there. Siwon also looks very comfortable at Raffi Ahmad’s house. Raffi Ahmad even rolled out the red carpet to welcome Siwon’s arrival.

Not only that, there is also the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Retno Marsudi. This can be seen in Raffi Ahmad’s Instagram and also Nagita Slavina. They were also very honored when Retno Marsudi was able to visit her house.

“Thank you Mrs. @retno_marsudi and Mas @dyotaman and also Manggala… Already visiting Rayyanza to Andara Hopefully Rayyanza can become a diplomat like Mrs. @retno_marsudi,” opened Raffi Ahmad on his Instagram.

“Don’t forget PPTM (Report @kemlu_ri 2021 and Next Report 2022) You have to watch it January 6, 2022 at 13.00 on Youtube Channel @kemlu_ri and several 2022 Indonesian national TVs. Must be healthy and strong,” he continued.

There is also the Minister of Manpower Ida Fauziyah. This can be seen in Raffi Ahmad’s Instagram and also Ida Fauziyah. Rayyanza was seen being carried by Ida Fauziyah on that occasion.

“Looking at Baby Rayyanza and AA Rafathar in Andara, hopefully in the future they will become children who are not only pious but also maslahah (bringing goodness not only to those closest to them but also to those who are wider), become great people like papa and mama, @raffinagita1717,” wrote Ida Fauziyah on her Instagram.

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