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Ragweed beetles can give hope to allergy sufferers

by archyw

The oil beetle (Ophraella communa) has also appeared here, which is a natural enemy of the worst nightmare of allergy sufferers, ragweed. For the first time in Hungary, a copy was written last year in Soroksár, there are really many of them in Italy, around Milan.

The oil beetle can be an effective natural herbicide against ragweed, which is why Nébih is starting to study the animal at home together with a research group. Research has shown that where the beetle spreads, the amount of ragweed is reduced by 30 percent.

Researchers are asking that if someone notices the beetle, take a photo and submit it so they can determine how widespread it is at home and where it has appeared. Ragweed allergy sufferers will be at their peak in August, but don’t be surprised if the symptoms appear earlier this year: the hot, rainy weather is good for the plant.


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