Rahma Riad reveals that her father treated her like a boy and called her “Ali” and how this affected her personality!.. Video

Amir Fathi wrote on Wednesday, September 29, 2021 05:43 am – The Iraqi artist Rahma Riad was a guest of the Emirati media, Anas Bukhash, through his talk show, which hosts stars and celebrities of the Arab world.

During the dialogue, the conversation touched on the childhood of the artist Rahma Riad, describing it as “difficult”!…. She said that she was living under the laws of her late father, who prevented her from going out on the street and rarely entering their house.

Rahma continued to talk about that her father always accompanied her on her day and never left her and did not treat her as a girl but as a boy in terms of her short hair and accompanying him on hunting trips and sometimes taking her out at night to ride her bicycle and the person being shot at her back amid the shock of her mother and her inability to do anything and that She was called “Ali”.

In response to a question if her portrayal of a boy for a large stage of her childhood affected her personality, she said, “It was somewhat complicated. Before I was impossible, I was married. After fourteen years, my mother insisted that I have longer hair, and you are all female.”

Rahma Riad confirmed that to this day she has not passed the death of her father, and all that she remembers begins to cry, and during a period she hears his voice at night when he calls her. As for his death, it was shocking because he is a strong man and you could not imagine him in such a situation, especially since he died while sleeping on her lap.

During the episode, Rahma blamed herself for not being able to help him and felt that she was responsible for that, especially since she had the idea of ​​him resting and sleeping because of fatigue during the period prior to his death. The Iraqi artist talked about being a boy, and her name was Ali, who was responsible for everything, and even the neighbors for two years thought that she was really a boy because of her looks and behavior.