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Rai confirms: "Rai Movie and Rai Premium will be merged". And the actors protest

Only the hypothesis of closing Rai Movie and Rai Premium to replace them with Rai 4 and Rai 6, two channels that would be dedicated respectively (and exclusively) to men and women, triggered an uproar. But now from Viale Mazzini they confirm with a note. There will be a "new channel (which will come not from the closure but from the merger of Rai Premium and Rai Movie)". Together with the other new «Rai 4, in the Industrial Plan» the two «were built taking into account the profiling concerning genres and age groups: the identification of two channels, one more oriented to the female public and one to the male one, derives from the need to build a product that is appealing to an increasingly wider audience ".

The petition

Meanwhile, behind the hastagh #nonchiudeteraimovie, directors and actors have gathered to promote the online petition asking RAI to retrace their steps. The appeal on Twitter of Alessandro Borghi ("It makes no sense to close Rai Movie. Let's use your head please") and then Alessandro Gassmann, Francesca Archibugi, the director of the Venice Film Festival Alberto Barbera and several others

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