Raid Red Bull on suspicion of a cartel!

Fuschl/Brussels. The EU Commission raided Salzburg-based energy drink maker Red Bull on Monday on suspicion of illegal collusion and violations of EU antitrust rules. On Tuesday morning, the Commission announced the launch of an investigation into a company operating in the energy drink industry in several EU countries. The reason for the raid was explained as suspicion of illegal price fixing and violation of EU antitrust rules. In a statement, Red Bull confirmed that the company’s premises were searched, saying that they received a “visit” from EU officials.

A spokesperson for the Federal Competition Authority (BWB) said yesterday that authorities are on the ground to conduct a search on behalf of the EU Commission. It has been announced that if any data is found, the relevant data will be seized.

Active in 175 countries

Red Bull is the leader of the rapidly growing energy drinks market. According to the latest statistics, the Salzburg-based company has a global market share of around 50 percent. Red Bull sells most of its beverages in the retail trade as well as in the gastronomy sector. The group reportedly increased the number of boxes it sold worldwide last year, from 9.8 billion to 11.58 billion. Turnover, on the other hand, increased by 23.9 percent to 9.68 billion euros. In the statement made at the end of January, it was stated that both figures were a record in the 39-year history of the company. In terms of operating profit, the group speaks of a record. Red Bull operates in 175 countries. (