Raids in the left-wing autonomous scene: suspect comes from Ludwigsburg – Stuttgart

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Raid in Stuttgart's Finkenstrasse on Thursday morning.  Photo: Jürgen Bock

Raid in Stuttgart’s Finkenstrasse on Thursday morning. Photo: Jürgen Bock

Police raided a 21-year-old in raids on nine properties across the country this morning. There is an arrest warrant for attempted manslaughter.

Stuttgart – During the raids in the left-wing autonomous scene, the police searched the homes of nine suspects in the morning. There were police operations with the eight men and one woman between the ages of 19 and 28 in Stuttgart, Ludwigsburg, Remseck, Fellbach, Waiblingen, Tübingen and Karlsruhe.

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A 21-year-old suspect was arrested in Ludwigsburg. A warrant for attempted manslaughter has been issued against the German citizen. He will be brought before a judge later in the day. In addition, extensive evidence was secured in the nine objects, said a police spokesman. The allegation against the other accused, who are at large, is inter alia breach of the peace.

Gloves were seized immediately after the fact

The 21-year-old is accused of fatally injuring a 54-year-old Daimler works council of the right-wing trade union “Zentrum Automobil” during a demonstration against the corona restrictions in May. The victim is said to have awakened from the coma, but is likely to suffer permanent damage.

The crime had been committed by a large group, but the Ludwigsburg man was apparently checked in the area of ​​the Cannstatt Wasens in Stuttgart immediately after the crime. According to information from our newspaper, gloves were found on which the victim’s DNA material was found.



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