Between free updates and seasonal events, Rainbow Six Siege evolves regularly to continue to live his community, always invested. While the relationship between Ubisoft and his fans were solid, a developer initiative just unleashed the ire of the players.

Rainbow Six Siege Censorship 1

Rainbow Six Siege will soon land on Asian territory, and not to shock the local public, several aesthetic changes will be made on different maps. To offer only one version around the world and gain efficiency in the future advances of the game, visual "graphic" elements will be replaced by others, or deleted. For example, the melee icon that represented a dagger will now be a fist, slot machines will disappear, blood will be cleaned on some walls or the sign of a neon stripper will be replaced by a female hand much less suggestive.

It should be noted that, despite everything, no changes will be made to the gameplay and the game system, which will remain as realistic (and inevitably violent) as before.

Rainbow Six Siege Censorship 2 Rainbow Six Siege Censorship 3Rainbow Six Siege Censorship 4 Rainbow Six Siege Censorship 5

As emphasized MP1st, it does not have more to the western community, who reported his dissatisfaction on social networks and more particularly on Reddit. The players feel that this is a lack of respect towards them and their continued investment since the launch. Will this general anger change Ubisoft heading before the release of the update?

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