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Many people are alarmed when they see a wrinkle or some sign of deterioration in their appearance. But what if out of nowhere it starts to age so fast that in no time it becomes unrecognizable?

Something similar happened to Raizel Calago, a 16-year-old Filipino girl suffering from a stranger genetic disorder that there is no cure and that makes her look like 50 years old.

Her disease began to manifest itself with a rash, but today her appearance is unrecognizable and there is not much left of the young woman she was just two years ago, when she was 14 and participating in beauty pageants.

The young woman was diagnosed with progeria. However, the case is even more bizarre, since this disorder is common in younger children.

According to the local network ‘GMA’, the minor gave statements in an episode of the Philippine program ‘Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho’.

What is the disease you suffer from?

A group of progeria patients.


Juan Carlos Izpisúa. EFE

According to the newspaper ‘El Comercio’, “thanks to a prestigious clinical endocrinologist, she was diagnosed with progeria”.

We only have about 200 documented cases worldwide”Commented the doctor.

The Mayo Clinic explains that Progeria is a disease with symptoms ranging from physical changes to major health effects.

Among the physical effects of Progeria, according to the clinic, are “hair loss, including eyelashes and eyebrows, thin, blotchy and wrinkled skin, visible veins, and incomplete closure of the eyelids”.

On the other hand, among the health conditions are “severe progressive heart disease, loss of fat under the skin and loss of muscle mass, stiff joints or hip dislocation”.

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These symptoms are part of the life of Raizel Calago. “You feel back pain when you stand up after sitting for a long time”Wrote ‘GMA’.

In 2019, they began to appear wrinkles on his face, neck, stomach and arms. Little by little his appearance began to change. For this year the Filipina is almost unrecognizable.

Raizel Calago

The neck is one of the parts of your body that has been affected the most.


Video capture of the program Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho.

How have you dealt with your illness?

Emotionally, the situation has affected the minor in great proportions, so much so that she became socially isolated.

I don’t answer them because I don’t know what happened either

They ask me why my appearance aged. I don’t answer them because I don’t know what happened either“Said Raizel in the interview of the aforementioned program.

The young woman is ashamed of her appearance and preferred to stop going out and hanging out with her friends. Although she looks older, Raizel is still a adolescent who feels frustration when looking in the mirror.

Raizel Calago

His appearance changed noticeably in two years.


Video capture of the program Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho.

In the interview with the media, the minor told the self-esteem problems she has had, to the point of “wearing a mask and wrapping your body to hide your appearance”.

It is worth noting that Raizel was a pageant girl who took great care of her appearance, so this condition came to her suddenly and took away her security.

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According to the news portal ‘El Comercio’, the minor “you have opened a bank account to receive donations that allow you to pay for both medical visits and medicines”.

‘My daughter seems older than me’: Raizel Calago’s mother

The girl’s mother also made statements on the Philippine television program. The woman was sad and nostalgic about her daughter’s situation: “It’s painful when they tell me that my daughter looks older than me”.

Raizel Calago's mother

Raizel Calago must constantly go to the doctor.


Video capture of the program Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho

Neither of Raizel’s parents suffers from the disease and neither do they remember having experienced a similar case with another relative. This is why it was so strange to them when Progeria began to manifest itself in A minor.

What worries them now is that Raizel may face diseases such as osteoporosis, heart failure, among many others, so it must be constantly reviewed and observed by doctors.

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