Rajon Rondo and what it feels like to win a ring with Lakers and Celtics

The legend of Rondo region It can look gigantic in a way few could have expected. The former star player and media leader of the NBA for years with his role in Boston Celtics, lost prominence in the league, wandered through various teams without pain and glory and seemed lost to the cause. Until he ended up in the nemesis of the place that saw him flourish. A franchise with a philosophy very different from that of Massachusetts, as they are Los angeles lakers, but the same winning gene with which this curious player identifies so much. Rondo shines again, although he does it in a very different way than in 2008, when he won the ring that elevated him to glory.

Exercising a role that may seem secondary but it is not, doing things that he dominates without great fuss and offering quality minutes from the bench in the form of a shock for peak moments, the good Rajon is in a position to be a participant in two parallel stories and seemingly incompatible: the battle between the Lakers and the Celtics to be the most successful team in NBA history. He was vital in securing Boston’s 17th ring and may be important for the Lakers to balance the scales. “I am very fortunate to have such a long career and continue to strive for the ultimate goal after so many years,” he comments on SportsYahoo.

“It is a totally different experience to win a ring at 22 and to be able to do it again at 34. You have to value it because it is clear that reaching this situation is very complex,” said a Rondo region for which his coach, Frank Vogel, had words of praise and recognition. “It is a very important part of what we do. I have enormous confidence in his abilities, and much more in tight games like those of the 2020 NBA Finals. He has been here before and that is a very important endorsement,” said the coach of Los angeles lakers, who have before them a unique opportunity to write a golden chapter in NBA history.


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