The guest of the Music Bank on October 12 was a musician Ralfs Eilands, who submitted his latest composition to the audience “Everything I Own”. The author of the song’s music is the artist himself and Reinis Briģis, but the producer DJ Monsta has also been present in the process of creating it, who is a significant assistant in the recordings of Ralph’s upcoming album.

It is significant that the authors of the lyrics are Ralph and Kaspars Breidaks himself – this tandem is more common for the audience in the performances “We Love You”, which will continue to delight the visitors on October 14 and 26 in the Hanseatic Peron!

During the show, Ralph Eilands evaluated Arnis Slobozhanins’ new composition “Dina without a Gola”. What was the musician’s opinion on this song? Listen to the audio attachment!