Ramadan takes part in “Boycott Muhammad Ramadan”: The will of our Lord

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Friday, February 14, 2020

Books – Bahaa Hegazy:

The artist Mohamed Ramadan, through his personal account on the Twitter site, posted a tweet in which he participated in a hashtag that Twitter pioneers launched against him in the name of “boycott Mohamed Ramadan.

Ramadan wrote: “# Boycott Muhammad_ Ramadan on the same day of my YouTube celebration by breaking the 2 billion and 450 million viewers in record time, number one is the will of our Lord, not the will of Twitter.”

The hashtag “# boycott_MohammedRamadan”, the social networking site, “Twitter”, was released after the crisis of the artist Muhammad Ramadan with the arrested pilot Ashraf Abu Al-Yusr, the owner of the “image of the plane’s cabin”.

The activists expressed their anger at the actions of the artist, Mohamed Ramadan, who mocked the pilot’s suspension because of him by publishing a video claiming the disease, and that the doctor who will perform the surgery was stopped in a sign from the artist that the pilot was stopped sarcastically.



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