Rambo got their Turkish version! Trailer

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And John Rambo has received 5 films to date with Sylvester Stallone, the character has inspired hundreds of other feature films around the world. There is no shortage of copies.

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Among the most striking, we can cite Rampage aka Korkusuz le Turkish Rambo and its continuation carried out respectively in 1983 and 1986.

His mission “kick asses and eat kebab, and then kick more asses!“tells us the trailer of the Community of the Hot Cave. The noise made by the rocket launcher of the Turkish Rambo is absolutely incredible!

The story of Turkish First Blood described by the Community of the Hot Cave: Riza, a former jailer, returns to his village. He crosses paths with a biker gang who asks him to turn around. Riza refuses and a fight breaks out. After having fucked a few mothers, Riza manages to escape but the gang is determined to eliminate her. A cat and mouse game is then organized in the forest …
Rambo 5

As for Turkish Rambo II : A Turkish commando must infiltrate and capture members of a terrorist organization who have entrenched themselves in the mountains. They’re going to have it, their fucking war!

The Grotte Chaude Ciné Club of July 2 at Jonesy Agency in Paris (association space) is devoted to Turkish Rambo 1 & 2. The screening is free!

The two films will be released in “a rare English dubbing made with a vocal imitator by Sylvester Stallone.” Suffice to say that even Sly would like to be there!

Rambo 5

Question dubber of Sylvester Stallone, FilmsActu had been able to meet Alain Dorval his French voice for more than 40 years after the release of Rambo 5.

Rambo 5



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