The famous 55-year-old musician and writer Till Lindemann, who is the leader, soloist and author of most of the lyrics of the popular rock band Rammstein, is preparing a solo tour of the cities of Russia, which will be held in December.
Lindemann never hid his positive attitude towards Russia, even despite the current political situation in the world. Therefore, in December he is ready to give several performances in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Samara, Novosibirsk and Irkutsk. Tilla is not afraid of severe Siberian frosts, which he coped with in his youth, when he spent in swimming training in Siberia. In 1980, the future musician was even a candidate for the national team of the GDR to participate in the Olympic Games in swimming, but the injury prevented him from performing at the Olympics in Moscow.
"This is a solo project dedicated to the release of the book of my poems in Russia. At first we wanted to do a regular autograph session, but then we thought it would be too boring. Playing regular concerts also seemed trite, so we decided to come up with something more original So it will be a special show, combining music, poetry and live communication "- leads the announcement of the upcoming tour portal Relrus with the words of Lindemann himself.
Till said that for about half an hour he would read poetry with two actors, after which the musical part of the performance would begin.
The musician has long been trying to master the Russian language, but it is given to him is very difficult. So, Till admitted that he is still trying to learn a song about Cheburashka, but nothing comes out, because the words are too complicated.
Undoubtedly, his beloved Svetlana Loboda helps him in learning Russian. Not so long ago, Till took the singer from the hospital, where she had a kidney surgery. The couple prefers not to share the details of his personal life, but the star of the “Battle of psychics” predicted a happy union of Svetlana Loboda and the leader of Rammstein. .


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