Ramon Royes: "We respect the decision of Marc Márquez, but we do not share it"


After the controversy arisen in knowing that Marc Márquez will not be able to leave this year on the Cervera Town Hall balcony to celebrate his fifth world Moto GP title because of the pressure of the big companies that sponsor him, who do not want him to be Seeing next to a banner disintegration to political prisoners, the program 'Via Libre' (RAC1) has interviewed Ramon Royes, mayor of the municipality.

"Seeing how things work, I was not surprised by the controversy with Marc Márquez. Although last year nothing happened. We respect your decision, even if we do not share it. I have not spoken directly with him. I have never said that it is because of the pressure of advertisers. I do not know what are the reasons, "said Royes.

According to the mayor, "there have been discrepancies, but the focus must be on Cervera we have the best motorcycle rider in history and is a pride for us."

"At about three in the morning, some energists came with long sticks and they started the banner hanging from the balcony of the City Hall that demands the freedom of Catalan political prisoners. Let them know that as many times as we take it we will put it back. In a few minutes we'll put it back and continue reporting the same thing a year ago. Those who have already done so have already been identified. They are not from Cervera. Surely we will file a complaint as of Monday. They are not even from the province of Lleida, "he explained.


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