Ramóna Lékai-Kiss: I sobbed that I didn’t want to die

Ramóna Lékai-Kiss she was honest about the thoughts that went through her mind after the birth of her child.

The mother revealed shocking secrets Photo: Gábor Markovics / Bors

“I cried when we took him home.” Noelt from the hospital. Because was that really the first moment we put her on the bed with her father and looked at each other like what’s going on now? That’s when it first occurred to me – and maybe it’s a little morbid – that I don’t want to die. It’s very strange, until that moment it didn’t concern me so consciously.

I think Noah was six days old and I stood in the room with him at night and sobbed that I didn’t want to die.

I felt that I was not normal to think about such things, but this only meant that I wanted to raise my child, because from the moment it is born, you have to take responsibility not only for yourself, but also for someone else Ramóna revealed in the BioTech USA podcast.

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2023-05-26 13:00:34