Ramsay is not a despot. At Slafkovský it is necessary to tame – National team – Hockey – Sport

With 194 starts, he is a recorder of the Slovak national hockey team, he presented himself at twelve World Championships.

Photo: TASR, Martin Baumann

Šimon Nemec and Martin Fehérváry at the World Cup 2022.

Dominik Graňák also watched the championship in Finland, where his young compatriots enjoyed a lot of attention.

“Guys are on their way to promising careers. But they must not relax, “says the experienced defender at the address of Juraj Slafkovsky, Simon Nemc et al.

Eighth place of the national team at the World Cup was an obligation or a result above expectations?

Something between. Many people after the successful Olympics expected the guys to make it to the quarterfinals. Also considering that there were no Russians and Belarusians in the tournament.

The Slovaks had a young team, so I would consider participating in the playoffs more of a positive result. It should not be taken for granted. The group fights showed that the line between advancing and not advancing to the quarterfinals was very thin.

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Would the Slovaks maintain a promising lead in the quarterfinals if they had more experienced players in the team?

If not played. It is interesting, and this is true not only in hockey, that the Slovak fan looks at “if” from the positive side. Nobody thinks what would happen if the Kazakhs or the Italians shot us a goal-two more. The result is exactly as it should be. The championship was won by the strongest team, Craig Ramsay’s choice against him played an excellent match.

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Should Ramsay continue in office?

Definitely. He showed that his work is beneficial. I played under it, I enjoyed it. I like his style. A coach like him has a very positive effect on the players and they are able to progress under his guidance. He can clearly present what he wants from them, at the same time there is no despot. But other issues also need to be looked at. One thing is what his surroundings want and another thing he wants. He has a right to say that he will not continue.

I met him a month before the World Cup, it has not yet been decided whether he will remain in office if he is interested in his services. On the other hand, you can see that he enjoys it here. He enjoys pulling out players that people don’t know so much about and then surprises many. If the results, as last time at the Olympics, are added to this, the pleasure of work is doubled. If he stays, it will be great, if not, everyone must respect his decision. He did more than enough for Slovak hockey.

You have experienced several coaches during your career, both domestic and foreign. What impressed you about Ramsay?

He managed to transfer a successful playing career very well to coaching. He knows how players feel in different situations. For example, in a tournament when it works, but also when it doesn’t work. Another thing is the professional approach I have gained from working in the NHL.

The philosophy he professes in hockey is very close to the players. He demands that the players be brave, not afraid to play and not just wait for what their opponent will allow them that day. In our latitudes, great care is taken to eliminate mistakes, the coach and consequently the players have concerns about them all too often. Ramsay has the exact opposite.