Rapeseed and others. Which Czechs tried to establish themselves in West Ham before Souček?

Some did not believe him, but Tomáš Souček pulled West Ham not only with his game, but also with his goals. The coach of the London team even doubted that his charges would have survived without Souček’s contribution in the highest competition. Souček thus more than successfully followed a number of Czechs who worked in front of him in the London team. Let’s remember them.

Radoslav Kovac

The ex-Spartan defender, who had previously worked successfully in Moscow’s Spartacus, in England, continued his career abroad. In two years he collected more than sixty starts and from his defensive position he managed to shoot three times. Then he played in Basel and returned to Sparta via Liberec, where he ended his career.

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Jan Laštůvka

One player position in the list prevails over the others – the goalkeeper. Jan Laštůvka was one of them. But he didn’t get much space in West Ham and got only one start, when in September twelve years ago he didn’t miss a 0: 1 cup defeat in Watford. He played the most abroad in the Ukrainian Dnepropetrovsk. He is still catching at the age of thirty-eight, he is a player of the Baník in Ostrava.

Ludek Miklosko

Luděk Mikloško left a much more significant mark in West Ham. He was the support of “Kladvářs” for eight years and he caught over three hundred matches here. His success is evidenced, for example, by the award for the club’s best player of the season. In addition to club success, he has accumulated over forty national team matches.

Pavel Srniček

Goalkeeper until the third. Although West Ham was only a short chapter for him, he caught only three matches here. From his rich foreign career, he has worked in Newcastle, where he returned to two games at the end of his career through Sheffield, Brescia, Cosenza, Portsmouth, West Ham and Beiru Mar. He has been working in the implementation team of Prague’s Sparta since 2012, but just before Christmas 2015 he suffered a heart attack and died two days before the end of the year.

Marek Štěch

To avoid confusion, we should also look for another footballer on the list between the three poles. However, he spent most of his time in West Ham hosting. He helped the “hammers” in only a few matches, when he was not missing in the successful campaign of the League Cup. Thanks to him, West Ham reached the semifinals. At that time in 2010, the already mentioned Kováč was also present in the line-up. At the end of June, Štěch signed a contract with Mansfield, who works in the English fourth league.

Tomáš Řepka

However, Tomáš Řepka can certainly describe his engagement in West Ham as successful. After all, when he said goodbye to the London team, he received standing ovations from tens of thousands of fans in a crowded stadium. He also won them during 164 matches with his uncompromising and tough style, for which he became famous not only in England, but also in Fiorentina or Sparta.

Source: Youtube


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