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Raphael Glucksmann, well on his way to lead a PS list

"We try everything to make things happen. Raphael Glucksmann, one of the founders in October of the political movement Place public, has taken a step forward. This Friday morning, on France inter, the essayist announced his candidacy, in tandem with the environmental activist Claire Nouvian, at the head of a new list on the left, based on a "software ecologist". The parties "believed that they would never invest their territory but as long as we are not a threat, we do not move the devices," he said to explain his approach.

For three months, the duo, accompanied by the economist Thomas Porcher, worked at the rally of the left outside France unsubdued for the European elections, without much success. If they managed, a first time, to gather around a table figures of Génération.s, PCF and PS – without EELV who had refused any initiative of this type -, the approach, which had led to constitution of "ten common struggles", did not succeed. At issue: fundamental differences on the European question but also the lack of clarity on the part of the PS on the legacy of the five-year Hollande.

Since then, each party has drawn up its list. But the essayist says he is "confident" about the "snowball effect" to come and calls the left parties to "adhere to this dynamic" by joining it. Benoît Hamon, with whom Raphaël Glucksmann collaborated during the presidential election, has already indicated that "a vote in favor of a socialist list is a lost voice for the left". The Socialist Party seems to be the only one to respond positively to this call. "To accept the division of the left and the ecologists is to accept an exclusive confrontation between liberals and nationalists. With Place public and all those who will join this process, a path opens, that of common fights. I will ask (Saturday) the Socialists to engage, "reacted immediately Olivier Faure, his first secretary, announcing that the national council meeting that day will position itself on this proposal. The MP has always shown some enthusiasm as attempts at public square. He himself tried a time to bring the leftist parties together. But, for lack of a better one, Olivier Faure had had to resign himself to being a candidate at the head of a socialist list.

If the mayor of Lille, Martine Aubry, supported the initiative by calling "all those on the left who are fighting for a social, ecological and democratic Europe (to) to gather behind (s) a candidature" by exceeding "the egos and devices, "other members of the PS do not agree. The senator and first interim secretary after the resignation of Jean-Christophe Cambadélis, Rachid Temal, agreed with the idea of ​​a "socialist list open to the left and the civil society" but led by a "socialist". "The PS is behind Public Place, but why? On what political basis? We do not know. In terms of method, it's not right. The ten common fights are unclear. And who will be on the list? Claire Nouvian who says that his model is François Ruffin? This is not my model, "reacted to the Obs loyal Dutch follower Stéphane Le Foll.


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