Rare moments from Kimi Rikknen’s magnlet

The wife of the 2007 F1 world champion split the pictures of the family vaccine, and they also wrote a touch of music.

Kimi Rikknen rarely gives a glimpse into the magnlet, but in recent years the Finnish image of the nickname Jgember has become more direct. Not this, but his wife, Minttu brought the 2007 world champion a little closer to the fans: the Csaldi blind girl shared pictures in the form of an Instagram story as the four-member family rocked at sea.

Kimi Rikknenk’s family vacancyForrs: Instagram

In addition to the sledgehammer, the 7 kid Robin and the 5 kid Rianna can be seen in the photo, and on one of them Minttu zent frjnek is called “his love.”

Kimi Rikknen withdrew from Formula One last year and from the Nordic race, but he will pick up his helmet from passion, starting as a guest in NASCAR in August.