Rarely seen daughter of Dóra Szinetár and Zoltán Bereczki: Her mother posted a photo of Zorka – Hungarian star

Dóra Szinetár the mother of two boys and a girl: Marci’s son turned 25 in early October, Benjamin turned four in mid-September, and Zorka turned 14 in December.

The eighth grade teenage girl was born in 2007 in her marriage to Zoltán Bereczki. The actor recently became a double girly father, sharing the freshman news with the audience at his concert at the Városmajor Outdoor Stage in early August, according to which Éva Bata gave life to their little girl, who was named Flóra.

Daughter of Dóra Szinetár and Zoltán Bereczki

The 44-year-old actress took the picture yesterday, on World Girl’s Day, and of course she didn’t show Zorka’s face now, just photographed from behind as she was reading a book on a bench.

“She is my daughter-in-law. She is free, independent, open, accepting, interested in the world, loves people, lives her present and looks forward to her future. She is in a wonderful position to learn, try any hobby that interests her and then However, a significant part of the world’s population is less fortunate as a girl, “wrote Dóra Szinetár, UNICEF Ambassador.

Currently, some 2.2 billion young people under the age of 25 in the world do not have access to the Internet at home, and girls are particularly affected by the lack of infrastructure. The world of technology, both in education and in the labor market, is more inaccessible to girls, which is detrimental not only to individual quality of life and well-being, but also to economic growth and competitiveness.

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Overcome your own limitations – Róbert Alföldi in the Femina Club

On the road to a satisfied life, we run into a series of obstacles, and we often do not even think that in many cases, recognizing and overcoming our own, own limitations is the biggest challenge.

At the Femina Club evening on October 18th Nora Szily and Róbert Alföldi they help to decipher what factors can stand in the way of success, how to cope with criticism and possible failure, and what techniques we use to get the most out of ourselves.

Exact details of the evening can be found here.

Tickets are only available online, a limited number.

Date: October 18, 2021, 6 p.m.
Venue: József Attila Theater


The digital divide between the sexes is not only reflected in the use of tools and in the labor market, but also in the first steps. The tools are predominantly designed by men, so they do not necessarily meet the needs and level of knowledge of girls. Thus, female users often do not have access to or see a reason to use digital products and services, which further widens the digital divide between the sexes, as do gender stereotypes in this direction.

UNICEF stresses that while education is key to women’s equality, millions of girls worldwide cannot learn. 22% of adolescent girls aged 15-19 are not present in the labor market and do not receive education (NEET), compared to 12% of boys of the same age. Marriage in childhood contributes to dropping out of education, and premature pregnancy also endangers the lives of both mother and child. In 2019, the second leading cause of death among girls aged 15-19 was health problems related to pregnancy and childbirth. Today, about 650 million girls and women live in marriages that have been forced into a child’s head.

Gesztesi Panka became a model

The joint child of Claudia Liptai and the late Károly Gesztesi was born in July 2006. At first, Gesztesi Panka achieved success in sports, participated in international competitions in sports aerobics, and then discovered it in the beauty industry. By now, she has become a tall, slender, beautiful-faced, 15-year-old teenage girl who has had her own manager since 2018.