Rating | “La Voz Perú”: How many tuning points did the program have on Monday, June 14? | Guillermo Dávila | Eva Ayllón | Daniela Darcourt | Mike bay

The program “The Voice Peru” It was a trend because it started on Monday, June 14, with the fence very high. As it is remembered, this space came after “I am” so it seemed difficult for it to maintain the rating in this schedule.

However, his return to the Latina screens was well received by the Peruvian public since, according to Kantar Ibope’s figures, he achieved 11.8 points in tune and was placed in the first six programs that Peruvian families watch.

Through its social networks, the channel celebrated that “The Voice Peru” has started on the right foot: “The most awaited return! More than 1 million people enjoyed this great premiere that came to captivate the hearts of families “reads the description.

With Cristian Rivero as host, the program has Eva Ayllón, Guillermo Dávila, Mike Bahía and Daniela Darcourt as the coaches of the participants.

Thus began “La Voz Perú”

“The Voice Peru” It started with a high dose of Peruvianism. The Ayacucho singer Light Merly Santa Cruz -who represented Peru in Viña del Mar 2020- started the program by interpreting the famous song “Retama Flower”.

At the end of her performance, it was Eva Ayllón and Daniela Darcourt who turned her chair around to try to convince her to join their team, however, Luz Merly decided to go with the interpreter of “I’m in love with my country.”

The joy of the Creole singer was such that she gave her a lucky charm, the same one she used to give to her pupils in previous editions of “The Voice Peru”.

After your presentation, Luz Merly became a trend on Twitter as it interpreted “Retama Flower” in a very emotional way and also this song is inspired by his birthplace.

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Mike Bahía will be a coach in “La Voz Perú”

Mike bay joins the coaching team of “The Voice Peru”. This was known through a video posted on the singer’s social networks in which he said he felt very excited because six years ago he began his career in a similar setting.

I started being a participant in this program more than 6 years ago; and after much effort and dedication today life sits me in the chair that turns, becoming a jury of ‘The Voice Peru ‘”.


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