Sports Raúl Entrerríos: "I always try to be the best...

Raúl Entrerríos: "I always try to be the best player for the group"


Raúl Entrerríos (Gijón, 1981) faces his last European and does so, despite his status as a legend of Spanish handball, with the same humility and collective sense that have always characterized him. Having overcome the first phase with full victories, the Spaniard faces the decisive part with the same winning mentality as always.

It is his last European. Do you live it in a special way?

-Not only this European, but every competition and every game. Many feelings go through your mind because every time you go to play a game, you think it may be the last time you do them. But the best way to enjoy it is to do the same thing I've always done: go out and try to be the best player for the group.

Things can't be going better.

-That was all about, adding each day and facing each game as a final. From day one we have dated that mentality. In addition, winning Germany has been key, but there is still a long way to go.

And also leaving very good feelings.

-This year for the calendar we have had less preparation time, but we have gone from less to more both in the friendlies and in the championship, and that is important.

What does Spain have that makes it so different from the rest?

-The Spanish handball is very collective. He bases his game on everyone's contribution. We all have a clear role within the group, but we all push and we are clear about the objective. Other teams may depend more on individualities, but our strength is the team and that is what makes us different.

In this handball where the physical factor is increasingly decisive. Are they the last romantics?

-Other teams are more powerful or have more external launch. We do not have that, but we have a very rich game with the pivot, we give a lot of continuity to the game and we have a defense that is very difficult for the rivals.

A few weeks ago he suggested the possibility of continuing another year. Does that option arise?

-Nerd. For years I have been clear that the expiration date is there and having the possibility of closing my sports stage in a club like Barcelona makes you think that until the last moment you are performing well and that is what I want.

A race that can be closed with the Tokyo Olympics. Does that thorn of staying out of Rio 2016 continue?

-It will always be there. It was a hard time, because I think we had earned the right to be in those games for the entire trajectory in the Olympic cycle. It was hard to accept, but that made us get up again.

In addition to you, other players will end their international career after Tokyo. Will Spain remain competitive?

-Of course. The Spanish handball continues to give players. The philosophy of our game is very instilled in the base. There are many players that sooner or later will enter the absolute team and will perform at the level. It is clear that it will be a significant change, because they will not be the same players, but, without a doubt, Spain will continue to have a great level.


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