Raúl Jiménez reaches 30 goals with the Wolverhampton VIDEO

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The goal that Raúl Jiménez scored for Sunday 2-1 against Aston Villa, meant his score number 30 with the Wolverhampton since arriving in England in 2018, with what he reached 100 in his club level career.

Of those 30, 18 has marked them in the Premier League (13 last season and 5 so far from the current one).

Meanwhile, they have been 8 those who have scored in the current edition of the Europa League, being the most recent in the middle of the week before Slovan Bratislava.

The rest completes them with four goals scored in the FA Cup last season, to reach 30 goals with the shirt of the Wolves.

Throughout his career, Jiménez has scored 100 goals at club level, which are divided as follows: 30 with Wolves, 31 with Benfica, 1 with Atlético de Madrid and 38 with América.

Also, this Sunday he also reached 50 matches played in the Premier League, every time he played 38 last season and 12 so far this course.

It should also be noted that for the third consecutive game, Raúl Alonso scored with the Wolves, every time last weekend He also scored for Arsenal and half a week to the mentioned Slovan Bratislava.

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