Raúl Valencia, tradition and diversity in his kitchen

Raúl Valencia, tradition and diversity in his kitchen

The great strength of street stalls is their seasoning, that is the key to recurrence. Pehüa is a restaurant that bases its letter on cravings found on every corner . He reinvents them, extols them with culinary techniques typical of traditional Mexican cuisine and presents them in a dish full of color and aromas. The kitchen is run by chef Raúl Valencia , who grew up in the kitchen of the Cantina del Bosque, owned by his family. There he learned to make sauces, prepare proteins and handle salt and spices. He understood that staying behind the stove was pleasant, but enslaving. For this reason, he chose to study Political Sciences, but when he became involved in the launch of Pehüa, the restaurant he is a member of, the kitchen was left without a leader and went to the market. Valencia He participated from the beginning in the creation of the dishes, reflecting the trips he has made to the interior of the country and the secrets that the traditional cooks they have shared He made pulque bread that he learned in the Sierra de Veracruz. He just returned from Oaxaca and renewed the seasonal menu, a culinary experience which includes 14 times in which highlights ingredients such as holy leaf, pitiona, cilantro and diversity of peppers. “Small portions are served so that the diner enjoys and does not get saturated. In this selection we privilege the taste of textures. We bet on the balance, but they are mostly salty options “, shares Valencia. The menu can be enjoyed in one hour with 45 minutes ; It includes molotes, tamales, sopes, esquites, toasts and tacos. Each of them has hours of preparation and some are found in more generous portions on the menu such as the taco de cachete and the catch of the day. The first is one of the classics of the place, served with cilantro, avocado and onion. A couple of days are necessary for its preparation. The protein is first braised, stored under vacuum, put in ice and then cooked again, the consistency is that of a crispy pork rind that with its touch of adequate itching causes salivation. The second, because of its complexity and flavor, is the chef’s recommendation. Smoke the fish in coconut bark served on a carpet of sautéed sautéed in clay pot with tomatillo and cilantro to which a clarified seasoned with charcoal is added with chiles cuaresmeños and garlic. A pitiona fusion is added.
PEHÜA Address: Av. Sonora 123, Roma Norte Phone: 7825-0349 Average ticket (tasting menu): 1,400 pesos; with pairing, 800 pesos more Average ticket (a la carte): 600 pesos
“Both cooks and diners need to delight in the wonders of typical cuisine, so I serve different recipes of known flavors. It is a tribute to our tradition and diversity “, says the chef from Pehüa, which in Nahuatl means, to begin.

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