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– At least we should not push MDG against the Right, he answers in an NRK interview on the question of whether the Labor Party should open to reign with the Green Party.

He emphasizes that there are good opportunities for collaboration with MDG.

– Whether it is government cooperation or not, it is a different dish. But finding constructive cooperation, often with agreements, makes sense, he says.

He warns against the Center Party’s attack on the environmental party.

BYVETTREGLENE: City Councilor Raymond Johansen (Ap) briefed on the corona situation in Oslo and measures during the summer. VIDEO: NTB SCANPIX Show more

– The way Sp talks about MDG, in order to take more Frp votes in the districts, is not earned in the long run, Johansen believes.

MP leader Jonas Gahr Støre has stated that the party will not open to form government with MDG after the election next year, but that the plan is to cooperate with SV and Sp. Johansen leads a city council where Ap collaborates with MDG and SV.

– I realize that it is different to cooperate nationally, where among other things the oil and gas policy leads to quite a distance. But one must talk respectfully about each other, and the environmental movement is a powerful force, one of the strongest international forces we have. This is where social democracy must also be involved, we must also be part of the environmental movement, says Johansen.

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