Razzies 2023: Controversy for nominating 12-year-old actress Ryan Kiera Armstrong for ‘Eyes of Fire’

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The Razzies, the awards for the worst in cinema, are receiving a lot of criticism for nominating Ryan Kiera Armstrong for worst actress for her role in ‘Eyes of Fire’. The interpreter, who he is only 12 years oldis on the list of nominees, a decision that has raised great outrage because she is only a girl.

One of the people who has come to Armstrong’s defense is Julian Hilliard, Billy Maximoff in ‘Scarlet Witch and the Vision.’ The 11-year-old actor has posted the following on his Twitter account: The Razzies are already bitchy and classless, but nominating a girl is repulsive and wrong. Why put a girl at risk of bullying or worse? Be better”. Also, when told by another user that the Razzies are just a joke, he replied: “No, not when it involves a girl. That ‘joke’ can have a very negative impact. They have crossed a line.

Many Twitter users agree with Hilliard. In the social network responses have been seen such as: If you are under 18 you would have to be off limits to the RazziesI never blame a child for acting, I blame the adults who said ‘yes'”.

Apart from Hilliard, other public figures such as Reece Beaumont (‘Blitz’) have spoken about it: “If you want to know how despicable the Razzie Awards are, all you have to do is watch them nominate a 12-year-old girl for worst actress”. To which critic Dave Lee responds: The Razzies are the scum of the movie world.. I spoke to Ryan Keira Armstrong at the ‘Eyes of Fire’ junket, she was elated to hear me say how wonderful I thought his performance was (and it genuinely is). This can destroy any interpreter who is starting out”.

Other blunders

It’s not an isolated case of this year’s Razzies nominating Armstrong. In 1982, they also nominated Gary Coleman at the age of 12 for his performance in ‘Lester the Rogue’ and Macaulay Culkin in 1994 at the age of 13 for his three films: ‘Rich Kid’, ‘Hand in Hand with Dad’ and ‘The Guardian’. of words’.

Another blunder was the nomination of Bruce Willis, who was given his own category. When he confessed that he had aphasia, they annulled it and apologized, stating that: “And to someone’s medical condition is a deciding factor in their way of acting or in their performance, we recognize that it is not appropriate to give them a Razzie.

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