RC Toulon supporters opposed to the two relocations to the Vélodrome de Marseille

The discontent of Rugby Club Toulonnais supporters does not weaken. Les Minots de Mayol, an association of Toulon supporters, have strongly criticized the decision of the club to relocate two Top 14 matches – against Toulouse on Saturday February 18 (9 p.m.) and La Rochelle on Saturday May 6 (9 p.m.) – to the Vélodrome de Marseille. They have expressed their disapproval on social networks, citing a “betrayal of the supporters”, “an economic nonsense” (Mayol no longer filling up) and “calendar nonsense”. They worry that the late match times will result in a half-empty stadium and favor the opponent, giving the image of a depressive and depressing RCT.

This criticism comes after the defeat conceded by the RCT on Saturday on the lawn of Brive (26-17) at the start of the year. The club is currently 8th in the ranking of the Top 14 (7 wins, 8 losses), far from their ambitions. Another group of Toulon supporters, Les Fils de Besagne, had also published a press release – entitled “Silence, we are sinking!” – to denounce this bad patch, which has lasted for several seasons.