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Re Michael Bloomberg Medium 'Nightmare is Authoritative


While discussing the Texas church shooting last week, Democratic presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg said “we don't want the ordinary citizen carrying a gun in a congested place.” t

“It might be true – I wasn't there; I don't know the facts – that someone in the community had his own gun and killed the one who killed two others, but the law enforcement is to have guns and decide when they should be shooting, ”said Bloomberg in Montgomery, Ala, on December 30, as reported Conservative Review. “You just want the ordinary citizen carrying a gun in a clear place.

Bloomberg is right, of course. Although it was tragic that two traditions in the tragedy of Christ the Western Church in Christ White in the White Settlement, it may have been far worse that a security guard had trained volunteers, who were not there to kill the gun dead. before it could do more damage.

This event, for example, was as clear as you could find out how maintaining our Reform Right can save lives – and, therefore, it seems quite odd to refer to you are arguing against gun rights. Second Amendment, after all, he worked in this case; people are alive about it, and Bloomberg says he wants it to be different?

It is very relaxed in stupidity – but it is also for Michael Bloomberg's course. It is not surprising that Bloomberg made such an unsatisfactory position in relation to gun rights; he has been doing so for years.

What's more, the right to self-defense is far from the single right that Bloomberg has depreciated. Indeed, despite his own success in choosing his own brand, Michael Bloomberg's record is actually an authoritative nightmare.

During his career, Bloomberg always showed disrespect for individual rights and civil liberties. The first thing that probably comes to mind is how he tried to use the food choices of New York during his tenure as mayor. His most famous attempt in this area was, of course, his attempt to protect our drinking from excessive soda – but he was not one. As a mayor, he also launched a campaign called “National Salt Reduction Initiative,” which said that it goes as far as the common ingredient with “asbestos.”

Bloomberg also has a sad record when it comes to allowing Americans to make their own decisions about marijuana use. Indeed, according to to DJ Judd, CNN, Bloomberg just last year with the marijuana as “b & y” perhaps the most expensive thing we have ever done. ”Now, to be fair,“ Bloom ”recently emerged on this issue: Last month, a campaign spokesman said that was Bloomberg now “He believes in disestablishment and does not believe that the federal government should interfere with a lawful state already” and “no one should be interfered with by arrest for possession.” But this is not too late. simply simply. The conversation, after all, has progressed – with one of the principals played by Bloomberg, Pete Buttigieg, standing openly with a genuine position of freedom, individual rights: decontaminate them all.

In addition, Bloomberg's campaign spokesperson would make the complaints to complain about people whose lives have been “destroyed by arrest for possession. – which directly led to thousands of people being caught with possession of marijuana – and it one remained even as the overall impact of the policy was being reported. In fact, at the beginning last year, He was yet protecting it. Of course, his position on marijuana seems to be very much, his position on this issue “has developed conveniently” in seeking the presidency; he apologized to the practice a few months ago.

This is not too late too. For one thing, you must be pretty stupid not to notice that his situations in relation to these issues occurred “conveniently”. just in time for its presidential run. Another thing, its “excuse” does nothing to change the damage done by stop-and-frisk already. live with those consequences.

Worse, Bloomberg's support from a stop-and-frisk is not the only example of a complete indifference to the Fourth Amendment. No – it is also supporting secret surveillance of US citizens. Under his fingers he was, the NYPD was secretly spying on Muslim Americans, and Bloomberg defended it was necessary to “keep this country safe.” The truth? The NYPD has since acknowledged that the program has not even discovered a single terrorist plot. For this one, Bloomberg still has no excuse.

With some members of the Democratic party (including multiple Democratic candidates) taking openly promoting socialist policies, a businessman like Bloomberg might look like. But the country would be as bad as a socialist president would to be bad, I cannot say that I am justified as an option either – our individual rights and civil liberties are too important.

Further from National Review


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