Readers broke the news | Green Committee Zhuang Jingcheng Running Stalls Shuang took off his hood toast the table was full of people and was blasted in violation of China’s epidemic prevention regulations | Apple News | Apple Daily

Taiwan’s new crown pneumonia epidemic has slowed down, and the alert level was officially reduced to level two on July 27. The catering industry is also open for internal use, but there are still many restrictions on the catering industry in various places. For example, the Taichung City Government still strictly regulates plum blossom seats and erecting partitions Some people broke the news to Apple News that DPP legislator Zhuang Jingcheng, a member of the Health and Environmental Protection Committee, attended the birthday banquet of a candidate for the chief of the city on the evening of July 30. The quincunx may be installed with partitions, which has been criticized by those who broke the news, and they do not want the next case of Dakeng family gatherings.

The whistleblower alleged that although the command center did not say that legislators could not run stalls, and only suggested not to go to public sacrifices, but in fact, when the alert level was upgraded to second in mid-May, the DPP Central Committee had called on legislators to avoid running stalls as much as possible. , And the Taichung City Government also has regulations for the opening of the catering industry. Take a 10-person table as an example. If the partition is not installed, the quincunx seat is also available. You can choose one of the two; if the partition is installed, the 10-person table can seat 10 people, but The seat can only seat 5 people. All meals cannot be cooked together, nor can the male and female spoons eat the same pot or share dishes. It must be picked up by the service staff and delivered to the table or served as a set meal.

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However, on the evening of the 30th, Zhuang Jingcheng attended a courtyard restaurant in the North District of Taichung to celebrate the birthday of a candidate for election as the chief executive. In the photo, you can see that when Zhuang Jingcheng was toasting outdoors, everyone did not pick the plum seat and the dining table. There is also no partition. In the photos of the indoor toast, although it is not the legislator Zhuang Jingcheng, it can also be seen that it is a violation of Taichung City’s dining regulations.

The whistleblower said that he was angry because there was a case of Dakeng family gathering in Taichung in the past. More than 20 people contracted the epidemic and caused the death of two old couples. Zhuang Jingcheng was the elected legislator of the district. Can you forget that Dakeng gathered? Has the case been filed? He hoped that there would be no more Dakeng family gathering case.

For readers to question the news,Zhuang Jingcheng explained that he was invited to a birthday meal that day. There were about 20 people at each table indoors and outdoors, which met the requirement of 50 people indoors and 100 people outdoors. The host was very enthusiastic and poured a drink. He also greeted briefly and left after 10 minutes. During the process, he also reminded the host to abide by the epidemic prevention regulations, and he will pay more attention in the future.(Dai Qixiu/Reported by Taipei)