Ready for Additional Funds, All New BEAT Until Vario 160 Price Increases, Here’s the List

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Honda All New Beat Street and All New Vario 160 experience price increases – For those who plan to bring a Honda scooter this June, prepare additional funds.

The problem is that the price of the Honda scooter as of June 2022 has been observed to increase compared to last May.

For example, based on observations on the official website of Astra Honda Motor (AHM) last May, the price of the Honda All New Beat is set at IDR 17,270,000 for the CBS type.

Then for the CBS ISS type, the price is Rp. 17,926,000.

In this June, the pricelist on AHM’s official website shows a price of IDR 17,620,000 for the All New Beat CBS.

This means that there is an increase of Rp. 400,000.

While the CBS ISS type costs Rp. 18 million, to be exact, Rp. 18,276,000, or an increase of Rp. 350,000.

The price increase also applies to the All New Vario 160.

Now the price of the All New Vario 160 type CBS is priced at Rp. 26,339,000, while the ABS type is priced at Rp. 29,064,000.

Compare that to the price last May, which was only Rp. 25,989,000 for the CBS type, and Rp. 28,714,000 for the ABS type.