The tenth opera by Giuseppe Verdi (1813-1901), Macbeth, premiered in Florence in 1847, based on the homonymous tragedy of William Shakespeare (1564-1616), will be staged in the Main Hall of the Palace of Fine Arts. return to the Mexican stages of the baritone poblano Alfredo Daza. "I am grateful to return to the capital of the opera in Mexico, which is our Palace of Fine Arts. I'm debuting in the role of Macbeth in the country. I had the privilege of preparing him in Berlin at the Staatsoper Unter den Linden, as the first baritone. " Which, added the singer, served as a preliminary preparation to present it at the top house of culture, after scenic and musical trials with the master Daniel Barenboim. The operatic setting will be the 1847 version of Macbeth, and not the 1865 -The most reviewed in the world precincts-. "There is a new boom for rediscovering the original versions. It is the first work in which Verdi has an encounter with the Shakespearean work, for that reason it was important to reprogram this title, "said Alonso Escalante, director of the Fine Arts Opera. With the libretto by Francesco Maria Piave and Andrea Maffei, the show is set in the court of Duncan, King of Scotland. The story exposes the crossroads faced by Macbeth and Banquo, brave generals loyal to the throne who, after returning victorious campaign, are intercepted by a group of witches whose predictions fatally mark their lives and the fate of the entire kingdom Lorena Maza, scenic director, explained that it is "an extraordinary piece of these two great creators: Shakespeare and Verdi. One with the ability of musical-melodramatic creation and the other, with a total virtuosity in the verse and the stories: bringing these two elements together is that this piece is achieved. " The director also noted that Verdi was a great admirer of Shakespeare, and that the three operas he created – Macbeth (1847), Otello (1887) and Falstaff (1893) – prove it. "Verdi said: 'He is one of the greatest literary people that exists, and he is the great master of the human heart', and he clearly recognizes it by giving voice to the criminal soul of Macbeth, a reflection of this is his choice to be the first work to be developed of the three. "For the teacher Marco Guidarini, in charge of the coordinating direction," Macbeth is a fundamental work. The first version is from 47, period in which Verdi is 34 years old; when it composes Otello it already has almost 80. Between the versions of the 47 and that of the 65 there are 18 years of difference, what takes us to a poetic and aesthetic change of a whole epoch. The diversities of the first and the second are quite important because, the life of a genius like Verdi, is like that of two composers ". In this first version, production coincides, what is achieved is a more dramatic and theatrical expression. As for music – orchestration and singing – it is focused on achieving an expression that reflects the psychological depth of the characters. "The plot is not romanticism and the voice is not a tenor, it is a baritone, which responds to the inner darkness of the character," said Maza. Eloise Kazan participates in the creative team in the design of the costumes; Cinthia Muñoz, makeup; Lydia Romero, coordination of choreography and movement of the staging, as well as Alejandro Luna in the design of scenery and lighting. The set designer said he was happy to be in this production, because "years ago he did not participate in an operatic performance. I'm glad to be in Bellas Artes, a place where you can do theater and opera in Mexico. I'm delighted to do the visual part. "The cast is headed by baritone Alfredo Daza (Macbeth), soprano Csilla Boross (Lady Macbeth), Spanish bass Rubén Amoretti (Banquo) and Mexican tenor José Manuel Chú (Macduff), among other singers. Macbeth will be presented on Thursday, September 13 and 20, in addition to Tuesday, the 18th, at 8:00 pm and Sunday, the 23rd, at 5:00 pm.


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