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ready in WhatsApp, Telegram and Instagram

by archyw

Whether through WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, among others, social networks and messaging platforms help us to keep in touch with people who are anywhere in the world.

But sometimes answering messages is not enough, therefore, emojis are a great tool to communicate feelings. If you are one of those who usually send your friends or acquaintances emojis every day, we have good news for you as some inclusive ones will be added soon.

New inclusive emojis are coming to Android and iOS phones. Photo: Pixabay

Some of the new emojis to be added include trans men of different races, who are shown pregnant and holding their belly with both arms showing a serious face, which could be a reflection of openness in terms of sexual and gender expressions that are currently being lived.

Other emojis that will be included are a mouth that bites its lower lip, a pair of hands making a heart, another face covering its eyes in amazement and one that seems to be melting.

When will they arrive

This list of new emojis is expected to be available soon on all phones with iOS and Android operating systems. It is important that you know that this update will come from the hand of Unicode, which is a consortium that is responsible for proposing and regulating the emojis that can be seen in all instant messaging services.

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Although at the beginning this update was expected to arrive in 2020, this had to be delayed, but it is expected that it will finally be available in September of this year, so that the phones can be updated little by little.

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