Ready to go! B.U hopes to win the first After starting a new coach – the pier is missing, ‘Heberty’ hunts the net.

Daniele Invisibile with Mika Chuuansri, representative of True Bangkok United and Sarawut Triphan, along with Siwakorn, an optometrist from the Port Authority of FC, attended the Meet The Warriors roaming before the game. Who will duel on Saturday (31 October)

On October 29, 2020, at 1:00 p.m. at the press room, True Stadium, Football Association of Thailand, in collaboration with Thai League Co., Ltd. and Toyota Motor Thailand Co., Ltd. hold a press conference. Meet the Warriors, roaming no.6 Of the season before the Toyota Thai League Week 11 between True Bangkok United find FC Port Authority

For this press conference Honored by Mr. Warongsawat Secretary of Competition Management, Thai League Company Limited, along with Daniele Invisibile True Bangkok United Head Coach, Mika Chuuansri True Bangkok United players, Sarawut Triiphan Head Coach of the Port Authority of Thailand, Siwakorn Optic Players of the Port Authority, FC and the media attended.

B.U hopes to win the first  After starting a new coach - the pier is missing, 'Heberty' hunts the net.

In which Daniele Invisibile, head coach of True Bangkok United, said: “All players are ready. We have to work hard. To prepare for the big match on Saturday “

“In the game against Korat Is considered as one important point Because Korat is dangerous in the frontier The attacking game is quite scary. Which I am trying to adjust some tactics from the team losing 4 games in a row, I have to ask for the players who perform well The port game is a big game that the players have been waiting for. And want to prove that The team is trying to do better. “

“The main factor is confidence. The kicker must have no fear. In which I am responsible for ensuring the confidence of the players. By practicing throughout the past week The players showed their appetite. The coaching staff also work very hard. In the matter of various tactics analysis Hopefully this Saturday’s game will play as planned. “

“Every game is important. In order to rank for the AFC Champions League, we have to perform well throughout the first leg. Try to look at the game to the game Because the team has changed in the coaching matter Which I have a different style from Mano Is still in the process of building a team and trying to adapt “

“For Brenner, unfortunately he has an injury. Before the Thai League returned to kick off after the COVID period He has previously played in the Brazilian top league so his past performance proves he is a good player. Now he is not fully fit. But I’m ready to give him a chance. It depends on the practice performance of each person on the field. “

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“I ask the football fans to come and watch a lot of the games at the stadium because it’s a big game. Which both teams had to adjust their coaches at the same time And have quality players So it should be an exciting game. Therefore would like to invite everyone to join in cheer together “

B.U hopes to win the first  After starting a new coach - the pier is missing, 'Heberty' hunts the net.

While Mika Chuuansri, player of True Bangkok United, said: “Now every player is determined and eager to win in this game. I hope it will be a good game. “

“Danny is a very detailed coach. Therefore, when he manages the team, the details are clearer. Also, the footballer knows him well. Because they have been together for a long time Is a coach that everyone accepts And honor I hope that the team will continue to do better. “

“For the Thai League, there are already difficult games. Which the port has quality players And the coach can pull off the players’ potential But we have the same quality So it is up to the tactic The game is not easy. But we hope that if we can do as planned And play as your potential We will be able to collect victory. “

“A team like True Bangkok everyone expects to at least be in the top four. With an already high standard But we try to look at each other game by game. Not pressure yourself We have to go to the Champions League because in the last four games we have been disappointed with what came out, so we will try to do our best first. And then talk again As you know We are the team that everyone is watching, but for now we can give 3 points to focus first. ”

“Even if the port does not have Heberty in this game, there are still Suarees, Adisak, Bodin, Thanasit, Nattawut, they don’t rely on any one Is a team with good teamwork Therefore he lost Heberty I still believe that there is a replacement, so we do not look at it as an easy task. And we honor other players as well, but believe Danny. Will place tactics for the team to win in this game “

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“This game is a big game. When meeting the port, it is not an easy task. Therefore, I would like the fans of both B.U and Pier Come and cheer a lot. It is believed that coach Danny’s first match at home It should be fun for sure “

B.U hopes to win the first  After starting a new coach - the pier is missing, 'Heberty' hunts the net.

Sarawut Triiphan, head coach of the Port Authority, FC said, “The team is now ready. Lack of just Heybeary Injured “

“We have to do our homework very hard. In meeting with all opponents To give the team what they want We try to gain confidence in footballers. Build a team spirit And make our team play more aggressive “

“We watch each other game by game. Now there are 6 games left in hand, this one is a big one. We have to be more committed. Because this is a meeting with a team like B.U. “

“Our team works hard. We constantly analyze where the weaknesses and strengths are. And what do we need to fix? The most important thing I have to build confidence in the team. Now I create a team so that our players can rotate. ”

“For Thanaboon I think the important thing in this matter is Injured players must get a fitness match preparation game. This is the most important thing. Because otherwise we may lose him for the whole season. We have to check him carefully. Because Thanaboon is our important person “

“My second comeback Come to help the team I work harder In order to achieve the goals that the club has set, both myself and my team come in. Including the club’s old team, we have to work together. To bring out the best potential of the players “

“I have already told you That football fans are an essential part of playing football Now 50 percent of football fans have entered. I would like to invite the Pier fans. Let’s create an atmosphere For the team to collect 3 points. Thank you. “

B.U hopes to win the first  After starting a new coach - the pier is missing, 'Heberty' hunts the net.

As for Siwakorn, the players of the Port Authority FC said: “Now the team is practicing hard. We try to watch each other game by game. Keep collecting points The condition of our team is now 100 percent full. Our team is missing only Heberty alone. But others are ready to make a replacement “

“The competition here is already tough, it’s always tough, but we’ve been determined to set a record here. I think this game has no problems with us. ”

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“I think the lack of Heberty will have an effect on the team. But just a little Because we have substitutes in the team We have training sessions so that we already have players who can step in and start. ”

“Bangkok is a team that plays well. But we will focus on ourselves more. To fix bugs in the team And able to beat B.U. “

“When elder Oud returned We practice more intense than before. We have adjusted new tactics. Come in as well “

“This is a big match. Want to invite both football fans Come and cheer for the team that they love a lot. To create an atmosphere for this game “

B.U hopes to win the first  After starting a new coach - the pier is missing, 'Heberty' hunts the net.

For the Toyota Thai League 2020 program, week 11 is as follows

Friday, October 30, 2020

6:30 p.m. Suphanburi FC meets Police Tero FC

At the Central Stadium, Suphanburi Province, broadcast live on NBT 2HD

Saturday 31 October 2020

17.00 Singha Chiang Rai United meets BG Pathum United

At Singha Stadium, broadcast live on 9 MCOT HD

6:00 pm Buriram United meets SCG Muang Thong United

At Chang Arena, broadcast live on 7HD

6:00 pm Rayong FC meets Trat FC

At the Central Stadium, Rayong Province, broadcast live on CH5 HD1

6:30 p.m. True Bangkok United meets the Port Authority of FC

At True Stadium, broadcast live on True Bangkok United Channel , NBT 2HD

Sunday, November 1, 2020

17.00 Nakhon Ratchasima Mazda FC meets PT Prachuap FC

At the 80th Anniversary Stadium, broadcast live on 9 MCOT HD

6:00 pm Samut Prakan City meets Sukhothai FC

At Samut Prakan Stadium, broadcast live on CH5 HD1

6:30 p.m. Chonburi FC meets Ratchaburi Mitr Phol FC

At Chonburi Stadium, broadcast live on NBT 2HD

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